Who is an
RB Maverick?


An RB Maverick is a game changer who leaves behind the conventional and dares to think outside the box. He/she is a creative genius and believes in the power of ideas.


We at RB believe that a Maverick embodies our core values of Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Ownership, Achievement and Partnership and lives by them every day.



RB Mavericks

The 4th edition of the RB Mavericks Challenge is here, and it’s bigger than ever! Watch the top B-schools from India, Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil compete through 5 grueling rounds for a chance to win the coveted title of RB Maverick 2017.


At RB, we believe there’s a better way to do business – the kind that makes the right kind of social and environmental impact. ‘Business with Purpose’, as we call it, is the spirit we seek in the entries this year.

Your plan can be based on any RB products across the Health and Hygiene categories while adhering to the following parameters:

  • Demonstrates Performance: We expect an innovative business plan that defines a clear goal. The plan can either be a product or service innovation or a brand extension in the area of Health & Hygiene
  • Demonstrates Profitability: Is financially profitable (short-term) and self-sustained (long-term)
  • Demonstrates Purpose: Tackles a *social issue at ground level

If you believe in the power of ideas and identify with our core values of Entrepreneurship, Ownership, Achievement and Partnership, you are already halfway there. Combine your unconventionality with a zeal for doing greater good, and grab the chance to be termed a Maverick!

* meeting the need of your country

How to Participate
Stage 1: Idea Submission
  • Register your team of maximum three members through a registration form. You will receive an email that will confirm your participation and will allow you to upload your business plan
  • It is mandatory to submit your plans in the prescribed template, available in the Maverick’s kit. You can download the kit here or refer to the confirmation email
  • The deadline to submit your plans is October 23rd by 11:59pm. Your entries should be saved in either .ppt, pptx or PDF and not exceed 10 slides
  • The Mavericks' Kit also contains guidelines for submission, which must be followed in order to qualify for the next round
  • The evaluation process will take place between October 24th and 27th, 2017, where a jury panel entrusted by RB will evaluate the entries from participants in Nigeria.
  • The entries will be evaluated on 3 key parameters – 1) An idea that is unique. 2) A plan that is profitable. 3) An outcome that makes social impact
  • Top ideas shortlisted will make it to the Second stage where the 'Mavericks to be' will get a chance to present their ideas to the panel
Stage 2: Panel Assessment

The shortlisted teams will be invited from October 30th, 2017 to present a detailed business plan to the Panel. The plan should necessarily include

  • The business objective and a detailed roadmap to achieve the objective
  • If your plan is that of a product extension, it must involve at least one of the RB products from the health or hygiene segments.
  • The plan must have a strong sense of purpose – providing a solution to a social issue
  • Each team will be given an opportunity to have discussions and reviews with the RB brand team
  • The teams can share photos and videos on Mavericks website through live feed from social media by using #RBMavericks17


  • Think of a catchy name that best describes your team
  • Share your photos and videos on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) by using the challenge hashtag #RBMavericks17 and #[name of your team] to claim your content on www.rbmavericks.com
  • Don't forget to tag @rb.in on Facebook while sharing your posts
  • After Panel deliberation, the Panel will announce top teams across Nigeria that will compete in the Final round.
Stage 3: Final Assessment
  • The Final assessment will happen on November 2nd, 2017, where the finalists will compete with one another for a space in the international grand finale
  • One team from Final round will progress to the International grand finale where 4 teams from India, Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil will fight it out for the coveted title


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